and everyone in it.

greenroom love
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tucson high school drama kids only
because we are way cooler than you all
and we have props

if you're joining, do a quick intro about who you are, when you were in drama, what you think, etc. etc.

and in case you missed it
you can't join unless you are one of these:
in advanced drama
an advanced drama alumni

a play kid [cast or crew]
and we moderate this, so if you don't fall into one of those catagories, then you're rejected.
[actually, we're not sorry. but believe we are if it makes you feel better.]
&team trixie!!!!, 1-minute scenes, 13 past midnight, a little german, access main programming, acting, ahhgimmiedat, almy's notebook, alter-egos, apples to apples, arrested development, art, arthur miller, basketball jones, bits and pieces, bowling, boy meets world, brad&foxy, bruegger's, bungling terrorists, butterfly kisses, cassidy&ruth doing dracula, catchphrase, cavemen, chinatown, cold dressing rooms, cooter brown, couches, cuddling, cunt on special occasions, dancing like crazy, ddr, dead baby jokes, desperate mafia wives, ditching in the greenroom, dix, don niegro, donner party: the musical, endless dress rehearsals, endless movie talks, every day, food runs, four on the floor, fuckety fuckety fuckety stick, fun dip, g.i.joe, gay rights, gerald the diva, honesty, i just lost thegame, i refuse, ice cream, ihop, improv, incest, ipods, istanbul (not constantinople), it's charles barkley, j. queer, jesus, johnny depp, konstantine, kyle&kyle, laramie project, lickety lickety lickety cunt, lickety lickety lickety cut, looking like death, losing the game, love, lust, mafia, more cowbell, movies, napoleon bonaparte, never have i ever, new couches, nightmare before christmas, ninjas, no-doz, no-nos, nobody's leaving!, old school nickelodeon, otter pops, photography, pirates, poonhammer, porkin, porn, postcards from the edge, pounce!!, professional lesbians, psycho, punjabi, radium girls, radium girls rap, schtupping, secret santa, seniors never leaving, sex, shabango!, shafer, shakespeare, shaun of the dead, shawshank redemption, sleeping, slightly padded strapless bra, snl, solemn oath, star wars, staying out late, stop the war, strip go-fish, sugar highs, swingsets, syphilis, tampon chicken, the bad psycho remake, the dining room, the game, the web, thief and the jewel, three day scenes, timothy jones, tootsie roll pops, treasure maps, troop love, twister, ultimate tub, violence the musical, warm up dancing, weekly world news, weena, wenis, wheelchair jones, wishes, world peace, you're not black!